We can almost hear you snort: “Cocktails? Doesn’t one usually drink beer in the Czech Republic?” Yes, absolutely, but that’s not where it ends by far. You would be seriously missing out if you didn’t try the fancier stuff Prague has to offer. The mixology here can easily compete with world-class bartenders from London or Sydney. Read along, we’ll give you a short tour of the must-visit bars!


Hemingway Bar

Even Ernest Hemingway himself would love to have a drink in this medium-sized two-story bar. It has been a local favorite for years, not only for its selection of cocktails, but also for excellent seasoned rums and Absinthe. You can count on quality ingredients and absolute precision; as a bonus, the waiters will make sure you understand what goes into the mixed drink and why. You better make a reservation in this popular bar and arrive before 9, otherwise you might have to line up on the street.



Tiny and cozy like your old-school friend’s living room, this place is a true hidden gem of Prague. It sits no more than twenty guests, which makes it the perfect hide-out for those who fancy delicious cocktails without the busy atmosphere of other popular bars. The bartenders subscribe to the Japanese school of mixology, offering clean drinks, honed to perfection and served in vintage glasses, with classic jazz playing in the background. Once you’ve visited the Parlour, you will keep returning – or wising you could.


Hangar Cocktail Bar

Thematic bars are always popular, because they offer something extra – an unforgettable atmosphere in which you can enjoy your drink. If you love the golden era of Hollywood and aviation, Hangar Music & Cocktail Bar is the place to go. Upon entering the door, you will be transported back in time to the interior of a luxurious PAN AM flight. Excellent traditional cocktails are prepared here by bartenders who put on a great show and served by costumed staff. By the way, this stylish bar also offers a restaurant and a dance club to meet all your needs!


Aloha Cocktail Bar

Where else would you rather enjoy a fruity cocktail than in the relaxed atmosphere of sun-filled Hawaiian Islands? You ask, Prague delivers. In the heart of Prague, Aloha Dance & Cocktail Bar invites you to relax, drink and dance – whichever your heart desires. The interior is heavily inspired by Tiki bars from the middle of the last century and the playful drinks a well as well-chosen music add to the atmosphere. Whether you like sweet or sour, the barman will mix something unforgettable for you, laced with the taste and aroma of exotic fruit and walnuts.



Prague nightlife at its best, that’s what you will get in this trendy bar. Here’s where signature cocktails with a long tradition meet with a lively atmosphere, created by a wild mix of locals, expats and tourists. The crowd is fairly young here and many a student have found their soulmate (even if just for one night) over a delicious drink in Tretter’s. Excellent location and professional staff only add to the experience.


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